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Nowadays, people are hunting land or house for investment. When that land or house are being sold, They are looking for another land to invest. This kind of opportunity, used by property developer to develop a new land and then sell it again. When the consumer demand goes down, then the industry being stagnation many properties were eventually obsolete or dysfunction. Instead of get the best rental income, many properties are unoccupied and damaged. In fact, if the properties are maintained and used properly, it will become the assets which have the greatest value.

Many aspect why investors invest in property. One of the reason is the capital gain in property increased significantly. The function of property not only as a shelter, but also it can be used for offices. Currently, the number of people becoming self-employed has growing modestly. Thus, it causes demand for more office space. There are many aspect that business owner decided to   their workplace such as: The cozy atmosphere, a strategic place and the easy access to the business area. It can be seen that become a workplace provider is potential business opportunity.   

This is one of main business that has been done by Graha Inspirasi. Currently, Graha Inspirasi opens the opportunity to cooperate with building owner, commercial space management and property agent that can be used as office space or virtual office. We help to develop your assets and make your property more valueable. Do not miss this opportunity!


Here are the following requirements for our partner:

1. The building is located in a business district zone.

2. Have a Permits Building License (PBL) at least for the "Residential and Office Building"

3. Paid of annual Land and Building Tax (L&B)


For further information, please contact service at:

+622121381721 (Office)

 +628111463011 (Whatsapp)

Email : febry.syahputera@grahainspirasi.com